Gift voucher

A massage as a gift

Thank You, Happy Birthday, Merry Christmas or Congratulations!
You allways go right with a Lief voor Mezélf gift voucher.​

Give pure relaxation

Price gift voucher

30 min.   €30,-
45 min.   €40,-
60 min.   €50,-
90 min.   €75,-

Give a gift voucher

1. Call or app +31 6 5100 3826.

2.  Tell how many ​minutes you wish to put on the gift voucher, for whom and from whom the gift voucher is intended, and what your message is for the recipient.

3. Pay (in cash or via bank tranfer).

4.​ Receive your personal gift voucher via e-mail or What’s app.​

Received a gift voucher

1. Call or app +31 6 5100 3826.

2. Make an appointment; mention the code on the gift voucher.

3. Enjoy a wonderful massage. See you soon!!

Please note: a gift voucher is valid for one year after issue.