Gift card

A massage as a gift

Thank You, Happy Birthday, Merry Christmas or Congratulations!
You always go right with a Lief voor Mezélf gift card.​

Give pure relaxation

Prices gift card

30 min.   €30,-
45 min.   €45,-
60 min.   €55,-
90 min.   €75,-

Give a gift card

1. Call or app +31 6 5100 3826.

2.  Tell how many minutes you want to give a gift card for, for whom and from whom the gift card is intended, and what your message is for the recipient.

3. Pay (in cash or via a Tikkie).

4. Receive your personal gift card via e-mail or What’s app.

Received a gift card

1. Make an appointment: call or app +31 6 5100 3826, or book online.

2. Mention the code on the gift card.

3. Enjoy a wonderful massage. See you soon!

Please note: a gift card is valid for up to two years after issue.