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Feel like relaxing? To enjoy a wonderful massage, and completely rewind? Then you’ve come to the right place. Enjoy a wonderful relaxation massage from me. All for you.


Do you find it hard to be kind to yourself? To do what makes you happy? Do you always try to meet the expectations of others?

I know how you feel.

I felt just like that.

I always preferred to do what others expected of me. That has led to a lot of good things: nice friends, a loving husband, a cum laude university degree, and even a doctor’s title.

But also to a burnout, and “I can’t go on like this…”

I went looking for help. Talked to psychologists, therapists and coaches, started with mindfulness, and read various self-help books.

During more than two years of intensive guidance, I learned a lot about myself and others; I realised that I’m very different from other people, but also very much the same in many ways.

And so




was created

And most importantly: I learned how to fully relax.

By shutting off my mind and trusting my feelings.

Only my feelings, my inner voice, can tell me what is good for me! 

One of the things that is good for me, that really makes me happy, is massaging. Giving relaxation massages, entirely from my intuition, gives me both inner peace and a lot of satisfaction.

Let's get personal

My name is Kim (37) and I live in Wageningen with my husband Dennis and our kitten Simba.

I love to let my creativity run free. Crafts, writing, drawing (in real or digital) or DIY… our house is one big exhibition, haha.

I like being outside. Walking or cycling, or kayakking, in my kayak!

I don’t use makeup. I’m beautiful enough of myself (well, I just don’t know how to apply it…) Except for nail polish. which I rub on everywhere. On my boat, on my paddle. Adheres well, and there are so many beautiful colors.

I kayak in a super nice club. Well, kayakking, kayakking, we spend most of the time on a beach (along the Rhine river), or on a terrace, or we are camping somewhere…

I love warmth; I admire the sun. A tropical destination or just our back yard. Feeling the sun on my skin: delicious. And on a winter’s day, I often go to the sauna. With of course… a wonderful relaxation massage.

Kim Mulders

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Kim Mulders

Passionate Relaxation masseuse

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